Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We went chasing two rare birds today. We saw the western kingbird, but couldn't find the vermillion flycatcher, which was the more important one. To not waste the day, we stopped by Bear Island WMA, part of the ACE Basin, the largest protected area on the east coast, and saw hundreds of white pelicans. I liked the way the beaks were arranged on these three guys.


  1. Amazing to see all those white pelicans! What a sighting! When I lived there, I only saw the Brown Pelicans. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Nice Pic - Australian Pelicans are White and Black

  3. Thanks, Sandpiper for all your nice comments.

    Good to hear from you Marylin--could you send a picture of your peliicans, please--I'd love to see one.


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