Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This will be a long post today to make up for the days I missed.
Yesterday morning I finally got some purple finch pictures that are better.
Here's the male in the nearest tree, which isn't all that close.

This one shows the immature male on the left, just getting some touches of the wonderful raspberry color he will become. Then the male in the middle and the female on the right. And a little goldfinch tucked in there too.

Then it poured, with thunder even, for several hours. It finally stopped, but didn't really clear around 4:00. Fortunately we need the rain. This is my birdbath, right outside the glass door to my left when I'm at the computer. You will be sick of it eventually.

Later yesterday afternoon our Dobe, Comet, kept barking and barking from the back deck. I looked out back, but couldn't see anything. Then I noticed that he was sticking his head through the railings and looking way up towards the front of the house, so I looked there too.

Lo and behold--there was indeed something to bark at!
Here then are a bunch of deer shots in no particular order that I took through the storm door. When I so much as touched the handle to see if I could get my camera outside, all their heads came up at once--they knew I was there for sure.

After about fifteen minutes of watching them, I really wished the light had been better for sharper photos. Then they heard something on the road that leads into our house and ran away. But I loved seeing them so at ease for a while at least.
I think I put the same picture in twice, but I can't seem to delete it. I will have to ask my guru, Sandpiper.


This morning when I was feeding the dog, the first thing I heard was the singing of a yellow-throated warbler. A real harbinger of spring. I couldn't see him, but remembered these pictures I took another summer with my first little digital low-megapixel camera. It's easy to see how he got his name.


  1. Very pretty warbler! I love the head straight up shot showing off it's throat and belly.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I can't believe all the deer and colorful birds in your yard.

  3. Its lovely to wander by and see the flora and fauna from the otherside of the ocean!

  4. Thanks, Lin and both Marys! i really appreciate your taking the time to comment--I look at all the blogs, but almost never say anything myself--I will have to work on that. After all my spring talk, it's going to freeze again tonight. Had to bring in the giant fern--it takes up the whole room.

  5. I love all the pictures on here. I had just seen your art site. Now I have another nature site to check up on...YAY!!! Keep up the good work and come and yak on all the other nature sites,it is so much fun and we love comments. Thanks for visiting my site brucesc.

  6. Thanks for stopping by I-R.
    It's always so nice to know that someone has enjoyed what I've posted and especially my art site. I'm not very good about posting to every site I visit,but I find every one most interesting.

  7. The yellow-throat is just gorgeous, you are so lucky. Beautiful shots for sure!


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