Saturday, March 22, 2008

New feeders!

Late yesterday afternoon, our oldest son installed the new feeder
system that our youngest son gave me a gift certificate for at Christmas. It's going to be so much nicer looking than the junkyard rigs I was using before.

Here's how it looks. The cage thingie to the left has cracked pecans from our trees in it for little birds and no squirrels. The tray thingie in the back has black oily sunflower seeds for everyone, but hopefully no squirrels. The square one to the right has white proso millet for the sparrows, buntings, and cardinals--and hopefully no cowbirds. And the yellow one in front has nyger seed for the finches and siskins, who will be moving north soon, so I will put something else there. The icecream cone thingies are for grape jelly and there are slots for oranges there too--both for orioles.
I filled the branch above and added a suet feeder which a Carolina wren found right away.
The first bird at the new feeders was a goldfinch eating nyger seed.
Earlier in the day I had taken some photos of the finches changing into their beautiful summer breeding plumage. This one is pretty mottled still.
This one is nearly done!


  1. What a great feeder system brucesc! Love the cups for oriole treats. Our Goldfinches are still in the molting stages and not nearly as far along as yours look to be. Can't wait to see all the wonderful photos you'll get!

  2. What a neat system! Something for everyone. Who likes the grape jelly? I've never heard of feeding that or the pecans. Your goldfinches have really turned! I'm not suprised that they were the first to arrive or the wren either. Goldfinches arrive and stay...and stay...and stay :-)

  3. Lucky you!! These are going to be great and I look forward to the nice pics you are going to take and post for us!!

  4. That's one of the coolest little feeding setups I've seen Bruce! Something for everyone. Very nice setup, I'm sure all of your friends will love their special section!

  5. We have a similar feeding system in our garden as well as the bird table.

  6. Hi

    First time visitor to your blog..what a great bird feeding station you have set up! Great pictures!


  7. They look great. Are they squirrel-proof? (That's always the most important birding question where I live. The answer is almost always "no.")

  8. I love the pics of the feeders...I am going through the same changes to new feeders...squirrels are really tough to discourage here where I live...really nice blog put a lot of work into it and it really shows...I hope to see more pictures of the feeders so I can study them...cheers.


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