Monday, May 12, 2008

I is for Ibis and what I've decided to do

Here are an immature and an adult white ibis. In breeding season the adult's bill and legs would be redder. These were taking at Bear Island WMA in the ACE Basin, about half an hour from our house.
I've decided to go back to what my blog started out to be six months ago--a picture a day. For now I will finish the alphabet too, and then I'll try to have a photo that I think is pretty good--sometimes that's hard to find! I'll probably reopen comments too.
This way I won't have the frustrations of uploading to the blog. I have a satellite connection and the uploading is not nearly as good as the downloading.
Also I will be able to continue the practice I had before ,of sending Nature Letters in a chronological order. I was getting all mixed up with what went on the blog and what went in the letters--and what I had shown to whom.
I have a list of people who like to get the letters and if you'd like to be on that list, just let me know by email please. The letters average between 600 and 900 kb each--some days there will be several and some days none. The pictures will be imbedded into the text and already the right size for veiwing. I can give a lot more information because I can do it in the right order, as opposed to on the blog.
I hope no one is disappointed, but one has to do what is best for oneself. It's no fun if it becomes a chore, too time consuming and frustrating. Life is too short for that!
Let me know what you think and if you'd like to be on the Nature Letters List. There's no deadline--jump in any time.