Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Y is for Yellow

Who would ever think there were so many very bright yellow things in nature!!
Here are a few.

Probably the favorite of everyone--sunflower
Lotus blossom--this picture has won prizes in two contests and was published in the Jan/Feb 2008 South Carolina Wildlife Magazine

Prothonotary warbler announcing his territory at Beidler Forest

The center of a day lily

A sulphur butterfly on lantana

Seaweed on a North Topsail Island, NC, beach
The guts of a daisy

Yellow-throated warbler

Bumble bee on a ditch daisy

A yellow day lily

Two giraffes in a brilliant sunset in Botswana

Three ditch daisies

A pair of American goldfinches on a niger feeder

Bignonia blossom

Golden orb weaver

Only one more letter to go in the alphabet. I bet you can guess what the theme will be!

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