Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue birds!

I had been doing some indoor photography just before supper and went down to the car to get something with my camera still hung around my neck. Good thing because I caught a glimpse of color out of the corner of my eye.

It was after six and there was no light so I put the ISO up to 1600 in order to see anything at all. Got a lot of graininess, but some nice behaviors. Here is Mr. having chased away a chickadee from the nesting box. Chickadees used it last year.

Checking out the insides

Back on top looking at Mr. chickadee.
You can just see Mrs. is inside the box

And there she is! But she sees me........

......and takes off.

They went up into the pecan tree this house is under and chattered away. I hope they win out over the chickadee, but even if they don't, there are other houses in the yard, just not as easy to observe as this one.
Next time I see them, I hope it's not at dusk.


  1. So why you frighten her Bruce :) nice shots you were lucky to have your camera with !

  2. Perfect catch Bruce. What vibrant colors! My BB houses are all ready, but they'll be fighting off the Sparrows, and sometimes the Sparrows win. Darn.

  3. Love your work.
    Was clicking about on skywatch and found your wonderful birds.
    Thanks, made my day. A~

  4. Great shots in tough conditions! I wish my high ISO shots looked like yours. Your grain is like talcum, mine is like rip rap.

  5. Very nice bluebird shots, despite the fading light. Looks like you have quite a hefty yard list for the month of February - congrats! I had fun playing the Northwest Nature Nut's game! Happy birding!

  6. Beautiful shots. I love those Eastern Blubirds. We have some around here,


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