Sunday, February 1, 2009


Once again I'm so frustrated by trying to load something on the blog. It won't let me go above the top picture to write and it's not gray like it used to be so my normal cream colored writing won't show up when I type.and the font won't change.

Anyway, Donnelly is a state DNR run WMA that is about a half hour from the house and my favorite place to go. A friend and I went for about two hours late in the afternoon. Here are a couple of things we saw. Above is a ring-billed duck. There were a lot of them but very far out in the marsh

Next is an immature wood stork with the late afternoon sun giving him a nice glow.

This female red-shouldered hawk was high in a tree and had just mated with the smaller male.

This is Spanish moss, not really a moss, but an epiphyte. The low sun back lighting it was nice.

There are always a lot of great egrets at Donnelly. This one is preening his early breeding plumes. His bill isn't really black, it's just in shadow.


  1. Again a great series of shots by the way that wood stork looks like our marabou stork nice work !!

  2. Great photos! I love the Ring-Billed Duck. Donnelly sounds like a pretty good birding spot.

  3. What a fine trip you had. You got some lovely shots. I hate formatting problems. I have learned to mess about in the HTML mode some. I can at least add spaces where I want them. Next time try to go to the HTML and put your cursor before the a/ref blah blah blah thing and just make a space. Then you can go back to compose mode and type away!

  4. For all your troubles your post came through just fine. I love looking at birds and scenery from where there isn't any snow. We're all so tired of it up here.
    Good job Bruce.

  5. Great birds! Your February list looks good too. I will add you to the "game." Glad you could play again. By the way, my name is Michele.

  6. Wow...your February bird list is impressive already! If your cursor is on the left of the photo the writing will go above the least it does for me! Love the Wood stork and the Egret! I hope you work past the frustrations and keep blogging....we miss you!


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