Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's always something with the blog. Today, there is no place to choose a font, so I have to use this Times New Roman--probably my least favorite font of all.

Not birds for a change, but these mushrooms were seen on a Christmas bird count.

This first one is called a stink horn and boy does it!! It smells like three day old road kill or your freezer when you come back from vacation and find that the power went off while you were away. It's really interesting otherwise. There is a dark mucus inside that attracts insects and that's how it spreads itself.

This is one of the shelf fungi

A flat one

This one is called turkey tail

This is old man's beard. It has another name that I can't remember.

These were all in the woods by our son's house and made our walk all the more interesting. We saw 42 species of birds which were reported to the Fracis Beidler Forest, an Audubon property, for their Christmas count


  1. That is some funky looking fungi!

    Beautiful photos!

  2. What's funny is that before I read what you said about the stink horn being really smelly, I thought it looked like a nose with giant nostrils coming up out of the ground! -- Carol Leigh

  3. Wow, Bruce what a collection. I love fungus and the old man's beard is my favorite. Nothing like that up here. I've not ever seen the stinky one either. Great post. Sorry you had so much font trouble.

  4. That stink horn sounds awful, but it looks pretty! Love the old man's beard!


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