Friday, February 15, 2008

Our back deck, which on the second story because of flood rules, overlooks a tidal creek. Some mornings it's beautifully misty like this.

This morning when I was feeding the dog on this deck, I noticed some movement in the marsh grass. This photo could be called: By the dawn's early light!
It was a mother white-tailed deer and two fawns. There were probably half a dozen deer all together, but I didn't get pictures of them all.

Sometimes in the summer there have been even more. This was a big day--seeing all these bucks.

And one of the adorable fawns came quite close to the house


  1. Sorry there was no comment space in the previous two days. It was a blogspot site problem which seems to now have been corrected. If you had something to say on those, please just include it here too. Thanks. Bruce

  2. Wonderful pictures, Brucesc!! I love the deer and the pretty marsh sunrise. The Charleston pix below are terrific, too. Cute kitty!

  3. I wondered about the comment space lack. Great pics! I love the deer in todays. I got to visit Charleston last Sept. and you live in a beautiful place!

  4. These pictures are fantastic! Very beautiful.


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