Friday, February 29, 2008

One of the nicest places at our house is our dock. It's on Swinton Creek, which is salt water and tidal, going from about 4 inches deep and a yard wide at low tide to 6 or 8 feet deep and 10 yards wide at high tide. And when there is a full moon, the entire marsh is covered with water at high tide.

When I sit out there on the big bench I can see the peaceful marsh.

Or behind me I can look upstream.

And in front of me I look downstream. Often there will be egrets and herons in this view.

These are the winter colors of the marsh. Soon the marsh will turn green again. It's so restful and yet so different each time.


  1. What a nice place to sit! I love watching heron and egrets! Such beautiful birds. It was my favorite part of my vist to Kiawah Island.

  2. What a beautiful area. You are lucky to have such a wonderful area to go. Once again I really enjoy your photography.

  3. Sighhhhhhhhhh... I could stay and look at the scenery forever. How can you pull yourself away to go anywhere? These scenes are such perfect examples of why the Lowcountry is so enchanting.

  4. Thanks, you three, for the nice comments on my refuge. Getting this property and building the house was a dream come true for me. It has turned out to be a perfect retirement home too.

  5. I love your views!!! Your photos show it perfectly. It looks so peaceful and you must see a lot of nature if you are on a salt water tidal creek marsh. I hope to have time to read all your pages Brucesc. I love egrets. It is amazing for me to visit all the bloggers and see each one welcome you to their world with incredible pictures. It is like blog travel.

  6. Your pictures make me want to take a vacation!

    Island Rambles -- I agree, seeing these pictures is like blog travel! I am always amazed to see how other people live and enjoy nature. I guess it is no surprise that traveling is my favorite pastime. Meeting people and experiencing different places is what makes life rich.

    bruce-sc -- You are very lucky to have such a beautiful and restful place on your property. My wife and I always bemoan living in such a populous place. I'm jealous!!! :)

    Does the dock ever get covered with water? That is quite a difference in depth from low to high tide.

  7. Thanks, Rambles and Scott, for your nice comments. I do enjoy living here very much. No, Scott, the water never comes over the dock--the restrictions are very clear about how high it has to be built. It has to be level with the land three feet beyond the highest that the water has come before. The dock guys knew all about how to figure that. Our land is only 8 feet above sea level, so the house is raised too.


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