Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More color at the feeders

Because it was cold last night, there were mists rising from the creek when I fed Comet early this morning. It looks very different at high tide, doesn't it. All today's pictures will need to be enlarged to see properly.

There was a great egret fishing in the shallows. He's got a nice green patch around his eye as part of his breeding plumage, as well as those pretty breast feathers cascading down.

Then I went down to my workshop to do some framing and a bit of color caught my eye. I thought maybe the indigo bunting from yesterday was back.

It wasn't, but it was just as exciting! A male painted bunting and a male blue grosbeak feeding together! It boggles the mind!

The grosbeak is quite a handsome fellow. Like most grosbeaks, his wife is much different--another one of the giant sparrow looking types.

I apologize for the quality of these pictures. They were all taken with my P&S (that's all I have) through the dirty workshop window. When I tried to sneak outside to get a better picture, they fled. He's another bird to rival anything in the tropics!
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