Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've tried five times to load some photographs onto my blog this evening, but it won't go, so I'm giving up in frustration. Like so many things, blogspot has gotten too big to handle itself. I'll try again tomorrow and also to answer some of the nice comments everyone has made. In the meantime, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


  1. Hang in there, Bruce, I feel your pain. I've been having difficulties loading too. It's so frustrating!
    Looking forward to your photos!!

  2. Boy, do I understand your frustration. I get so tired of fighting the loading process! I end up arranging things 10 times before they put it more or less the way I want it! It seems to make a differece as to what time of day you load pictures...I try to avoid peak times (kids out of school, people just home from work?)

  3. Hi Bruce, Yeah, frustration with technology. Ick! When I have trouble uploading to eBlogger, I reboot my machine and that always seems to clear it up. Maybe it will help you, too.

  4. Well, at least your wonderful painted bunting is there for me to enjoy (and envy!) We'll be waiting.

  5. So frustrating, we all have these problems, they seem to be increasing.
    Will pop back another day and see how you are doing.

  6. Poor you!! I had the same thing happen when I was trying to post the cheetah post, so I can understand how you feel!!


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