Monday, May 26, 2008

R is for Recent Red Radiance

I was sitting at the computer when something caught my eye in the live oak trees beyond the feeders.
Oh, it's a ruby-throated hummingbird sitting still for once! I've been trying to get a shot of him with his ruby throat showing. Looks nice.

Then a female hummingbird flew by and zowie! He flashed her!! He flared that throat right out and caught the sun with it. Very effective. She flew right on by though. I was impressed even if she wasn't. I'd never noticed that they could push those red feathers out into an Elizabethan collar!

Later I glanced out again when I thought it was unusual for a cardinal to be at the meal worm feeder. Zowie again! That's no cardinal--that's a summer tanager!! At the feeder!! A first for sure--usually they are only heard or maybe glimpsed deep in the trees. What a treat--I hope he becomes a regular visitor.

Hope you enjoyed seeing red as much as I did!