Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sssss is for Ssssnakesssss!

A rainbow snake--quite rare and unusual to see. All of these will show much more detail in the larger versions. Please click to see them larger.

I bet you predicted I'd do snakes! Here in coastal South Carolina our climate is semi-tropical and our habitats are snake city! I'm showing you ones I've come across here, but I've also seen three kinds of rattlesnakes--just don't have any pictures to show you.

This is red-bellied water snake.

Then a yellow rat snake.

This cute three year old cotton-mouth water moccasin....

.....will grow up to be this! Our most common and most dangerous venomous snake.

This is a scarlet snake--it gave us a fright because it is nearly the same as a coral snake, which is very dangerous.
Black racers can climb trees easily.
This is an eastern ribbon snake--very pretty.
This is a young banded water snake.

A corn snake--often mistaken for a copperhead. I don't have a copperhead photo either, but we definitely have them. A previous Dobe of ours was bitten by one in the night and when I took him to the emergency vet, there were seven dogs there with copperhead bites. Our dog died a few months later from a stroke caused by a blot clot left from the snake bite.

A big garter snake. I also don't have a photo of a green garden snake although one dropped out of a tree onto my shoulder once!
A king snake--quite handsome. Photo by our son, Kurt.

A rat snake that has recently shed it's skin. Our son, Carl, took this picture.

I hope no one is upset by snakes. If I have any of them misnamed, please let me know.