Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had a wonderful afternoon at a nearby neighbor's house today!


  1. Bruce
    Great Pictures as you know I love eagles nice work :))

  2. My goodness Bruce. What magnificent pictures. How fortunate this bird stayed still for you.

  3. Wow.....these are great and so close! I've been thrilled to see a tiny little speck and know it was an eagle and you have them sitting there posing for you! I'm so jealous!

  4. Hi Bruce, I haven't wandered over to your blog for awhile- it is nice to stop by and visit again. Wow! Great eagle shots- you really had a great opportunity there- I'm glad you were able to take advantage of it. Keep the posts coming! :)

  5. I like your pictures of the Bald Eagle. We see them regularly on the St Johns River, FL. I missed a great shot of one in an aerial battle with an Osprey. Just dont have camera enough for something like that.

  6. AWESOME eagle photo's. They are so majestic!!
    Your blog is really nice and I have enjoyed my visit!!

  7. Hi Bruce, Great post here. I see you've been taking a break too. Thanks for the stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comments. I haven't really started blogging again. I seem to manage one post a season and that's about it for the past year. Maybe someday I can get my act together and perhaps do a weekly blog.

  8. Wonderful shots!
    You would be welcome to contribute and help to begin a new endevour called "World Bird Wednesday" a chance for bird photographers to share and spread word of their blogs to others!
    Visit and check it out!

  9. This is the first time I've looked at my blog in several years because posting to it was too frustrating. Now I see that all this awful crap has been added and I can't delete it because Blogspot says I don't exist. So if you happen by here, please ignore and excuse the way some people have acted. Thanks. Bruce


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