Saturday, August 27, 2011

Extra Post

I recently had a lot of trouble with my long neglected blog--some jerk posted a lot of awful posts about various nasty things. I was unable to get into my blog to fix it. Blogspot said I didn't have any blogs. With a lot of help from Kathy, owner of the good blogs: Katney's Kaboodle and 365 No Themes No Memes

So now I'm just putting in a recent picture to show that the blog is still alive.

Only I've forgotten how to put a picture in.............LOL........aha, now I remember, you click on the little picture icon to the left of Preview on this compose box. Guess what--there are no little icons up there! Back to square one......well, square two, since I did get in here at all.

Now I'm remembering some of the reasons I quit blogging--so frustrating!!!

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