Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Skywatch

Sneaking it at the last minute. Blogspot was not opening for me for a while this evening.
I got a teleconverter for my camera, but it has to go back because it's not compatible after all. But I did get it to work for one picture.
Here is the sky with some tree branches in the center that are starting to bud for spring.

This is how I know they are starting to bud. Nice zoom, huh! But unfortunately it won't work, so I will just have to save my money and buy a big lens.
To see lots more Skywatch pictures, click HERE.


  1. How nice to see vivid blue skies - no rain, clouds, or fog. Guess I'm ready for Spring. Happy Skywatch Friday!

  2. Not sure what a telecomverter is, but these are lovely photos! My trees are budding too and I think it is too soon for our area.

  3. That blue sky is so beautiful, and I long to see buds around here. Every day we're closer to spring. We just have to get by St. Patricks Day.

  4. Spring is coming! Spring is coming! It's budding everywhere!


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