Thursday, March 5, 2009

A mixed bag

Like yesterday, here is a mixed group of pictures from a recent day.

I got a new lens that zooms from 28mm to 300mm. It's very compact and will be good for trips--very versatile.

Here's a wide angle view from the deck. You'll need to click it larger to tell anything.

New bird for the feeder area! Ruby-crowned kinlet. Isn't he adorable. That's a six inch board he's standing on, so you can see how teeny he is. That trash all over the deck is wind blown seed hulls.

I took a lot of pictues, but he moves so fast--and through the window at dusk, not many came out. I don't know what he was eating, but he was pecking away as fast as a sewing machine!

I meant for the next picture to come up first, but they appeared out of order. The osprey nest is on the way to Botany Bay and is right by the road. Hard to stop and get pictures because of traffic going to Edisto Beach. These are through the windshield.

I was taking pictures of this great egret on the creek when it flew, so I did a burst and got one shot of him not behind a tree.

A white-tailed deer ran by too.

Uh-oh--car went into the marsh on the way home from Botany Bay. There was someone there helping already.

There's the guy who went into the water to help and he was talking to the driver, but I couldn't see the driver, so maybe he was lying down on the seat. The tide was coming in, so they needed to get that car out quickly.
I didn't hang around, but didn't see anything in the paper, so just a routine car in the marsh--happens a lot around here.


  1. The kinglet is definitely cute! That osprey and nest are neat to see! And deer and egret...great! I'm surprised to hear that cars go off in the marsh alot. Is it that close to the road?

  2. Bruce you and I both know that those crocodiles dragged that car into the lake :) I beu are going to get some really nice shots with that new lens of yours so far so good nice work !!

  3. Adorable little bird.
    Your pictures are just beautiful!
    Love the Egret.
    I hope they did get that car out OK.
    I'm interested to know if you have crocs near your house?


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