Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm not being very faithful about posting daily. Real life keeps interfering. The top two pictures here are pied-billed grebes and a wood stork. Both were seen while we were looking for sandhill cranes at Donnelly. The cranes were way too far to take photos of, so we looked for other things.
The two bottom shots are of the broad-billed hummingbird, a rare migrant from Mexico, that has been hanging around for several weeks in Rockville. Lots and lots of people have come to see him and the people whose feeders he visits couldn't be nicer about having all these strangers in their yard. True southern hospitality.

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  1. Wonderful, brucescpix! The hummer sighting could be a once in a lifetime event! How cool is that? Love that SC is getting so many different birds now. Many more than from when I lived there.


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